Make a Donation

Thank you! Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to browse the information on this page about how you can donate, and make an astonishing difference to children in the UK, helping to keep them safe from bullying and abuse in all its destructive forms.

Whatever you can donate will go directly to Kidscape, every single penny of it, meaning that your donation ends up making a very real, concrete difference to a child or to many children. Thank you.

There are three very easy ways you can make a donation:

1 You can simply text STOR50 £5 to 70070. (You can send other amounts by changing the £5 to anything you like – £10, £25 etc.)

2 You can visit the JustGiving website and make a donation using your credit or debit card, or even PayPal. Just visit here:

3 You can come along to any of the events and drop whatever donation you’d like to give into one of the collection buckets. Although we will be collecting at the actual race events you may find it easier to meet us at one of the special publicity events being held at shopping centres, supermarkets, leisure centres, schools and other locations. If you have children you can bring them along for a photo opportunity!

Not ready to donate just yet?

There are many other ways you can help us!
Any donation you make will be received with huge gratitude – you really are making a real difference. But there are other ways you can help too. Even if you’re not currently able to offer a financial donation there are other ways in which you can help with this challenge.

For ideas, suggestions, pleas for help and other opportunities to get involved please visit the Get Involved page.

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