What is the ‘Stormrunning Challenge 2014’?


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to find out about the ‘Stormrunning Challenge 2014‘. So what’s the idea?

Throughout the course of 2014 I will be taking part in a number of running events, from 10 kilometre and 10 mile events to half marathons and full marathons across the UK. But there’s a difference, because whilst aiming to complete all of these runs I will be dressed from head to toe as a Stormtrooper from the epic Star Was films.

Yes, I will be pounding the streets for mile after mile, often in hot weather, wearing a thick black body suit, armour weighing 25 lbs (about the same as a two year old child, or a 19″ flat screen TV), and of course a helmet which ensures I can barely see, breathe, eat or drink. It’s something of a challenge I believe, and one I am already training for.

Why am I doing this? Surprisingly enough it’s not because of some strange masochistic drive I have – it’s for two reasons. One is for fun, because it will be I am sure (at least once I cross the finishing line) but the second and most important reason is because I am trying to raise as much money as possible for a hugely worthwhile UK charity – Kidscape.

I have partnered up with Kidscape for the whole of 2014 and we will be working together in a number of ways. I will be aiming to raise both their profile and funds through my many running activities and other events, and I will also be participating in a number of other events run by Kidscape as a kind of mascot with possibly the worst aim in the galaxy. (I think the reason Stormtroopers never hit anything is that it’s almost impossible to see anything whilst wearing the helmet – honestly, you have to try one on some time.)

As well as taking part in several long distance runs across the country throughout the year I will also be taking part in many running related publicity events at supermarkets, shopping centres, leisure centres and parks in various towns and cities. This will, for example, involve me running on a treadmill in full Stormtrooper costume whilst other people help collect donations, and afterwards there will be opportunities for children to have their photo taken with the stormtrooper.

I think 2014 already looks to be hugely exciting, and through this website you can keep fully up to date with all of the planned events, activities and appearances, as well as my training and updates from Kidscape. To find out more about Kidscape and the vital work they do to protect children from bullying and abuse please take a look at the Kidscape page.

If you’d like to make a donation then that would be utterly brilliant. You can find out the various ways of doing this on the Donations page. But if either you can’t support me financially at the moment there may be other ways you can help out, either by helping to organise, plan and run events or helping out with publicity and advertising. From accommodation and transport to donation collectors, and from those who work in radio, TV, newspapers, magazines or other media to people who would like to join in the publicity events themselves, I’d love to hear from you – just take a look at the ‘Get Involved‘ page.

Once again, my sincere thanks for taking the time to stop by. Make sure you bookmark this site, and do come back often. I hope you enjoy reading the information and keeping up to date with news and events, but don’t forget to leave a comment, send a tweet or other update just to let me know you came. During these long hard hours of training every little bit of support helps!

Many thanks,


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